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Top 8 Places with Most Beautiful Scenery in the World

Here’s places in that have most beautiful scenery in the world. Not all of these places become seven wonders of the world, but one thing for sure is you will be amazed when you come to this places and enjoy how our nature have created such a great scenery. So let’s take a look at those places with most beautiful scenery in the world :

8. Great Barrier Reef in Australia
Are you familiar with this world’s largest coral reef? definitely you should. Located off the coast of Australia, Great Barrier Reef presents an amazing underwater scenery. Very colorful and a breeding place of the beautiful coral reef and also home to many marine animals such as the saltwater crocodile, Sea Dragon, and more than 125 types of sharks. You can try to do the dives from Lady Elliot Island, It is a place of residence of the Manta Rays and is also known as crystal-clear water. September and October is the best time to visit the Great Barrier Reef because of natural weather that allows you to see the beauty of the coral reef with more obvious, plus the bonus of the breeding time of pope.
places with most beautiful scenery Great Barrier Reef Australia Top 8 Places with Most Beautiful Scenery in the World
Great Barrier Reef Australia
7. Tiger Nest at Bhutan
Dragon Nest is located on the edge of cliff in the valley of Paro in Bhutan. This place is capable of stunning the visitors. The only sound that will break the silence of this place is the prayer of the monks and the sounds of their worship equipment. The most beautiful scenery can be found in the sangtopelri garden in front of the Tiger Nest mountain that can be reached by simple cable car which is often used by the monks.
places with most beautiful scenery Tiger Nest Bhutan Top 8 Places with Most Beautiful Scenery in the World
Tiger Nest Bhutan
6. Temples of Machu Picchu in Peru
The Incas built Machu Picchu with a remarkable concept. Despite many rumors circulating about what is the purpose of the construction of this temple – either to prison, sights, or for agricultural purposes and possibly even housing officials earlier times, but It’s certainly presents a view and amazing scenery from Machu Picchu. The beauty radiated through construction techniques of this building that built by the Incas in the 15th century. Moreover, in this place you can see how the sun rose across the valley of Urubamba that will give you an unforgettable experience. Wake up early and go to Machu Picchu, and if you are lucky, You will be the one of the first 400 people that visit Machu Picchu every day. You will get the chance to go to an area called Huayna Pichu where this place is the high place which allows you to see the ruins of Machu Picchu with a bonus scenery of the beautiful cloud forest. June is one of the best time to visit Machu Picchu, and on Sundays you can visit to Pisac Market along with other tourists.
places with most beautiful scenery Macchu Pichu Peru Top 8 Places with Most Beautiful Scenery in the World
Macchu Pichu Peru
5. Grand Canyon in the United States
Who doesn’t know the Grand Canyon, an area which covers the 18 miles cliff and extends up to 277 miles. With a depth of up to 1 mile, the Grand Canyon became a popular natural tourist destination. Although not the deepest or most extensive, but Grand Canyon is undoubtedly as a collection of the most colorful rock cliff. This place also describes a period known as the Proterozoic and Paleozoic – the history of the earth for 2 million years ago, a landscape that can not even depicted through the film and there is not any anywhere in the world. There is one place that became the place to see your favorite scene, which is Shoshone Point, where you can see the beautiful scenery the Grand Canyon. These lines do not have a signboard, and somewhere between 244 and 245 miles from East rim drive. March to May is the right time before the traveler who uses an RV arrive.
places with most beautiful scenery Grand Canyon United States Top 8 Places with Most Beautiful Scenery in the World
Grand Canyon in The United States
4. The Matterhorn Mountain in Switzerland
Recorded in history that nearly 500 mountaineers have died in order to conquer this mountain. The mountain is as high as 14.692 feet, blanketed by snow with extremely difficult terrain. If indeed you can’t climb to the top, because it is dangerous of course, you can see the mountain scenery through a place you can reach by walking along for 3 miles to the Riffelsee lake where if It’s sunny day the shadow of the mountain will look very beautiful on the lake surface. Best time to visit this place is between July to October, because at that time the lake Riffelsee train line is opened to the public.
places with most beautiful scenery Matterhorn Mountain Top 8 Places with Most Beautiful Scenery in the World
Matterhorn Mountain
3. Paris Skyline – The View of Paris at Night
Maybe Napoleon Bonaparte was listed as the person who changed the face of Paris as the city of light during his reign, but anyway Gustave Eiffel also added one of the important element of beauty for the city of paris with the establishment of the famous Eiffel tower that famous all over the world as one of the icons of romanticism. The tower can be viewed from any angle in city of paris, France. When New Year celebrations, this tower is usually festive with lights game. Great place to visit paris is cold season. It’s very cold here, but the flashes of light in this city becomes beautiful when reflected by the frozen surface of the Seine River.
places with most beautiful scenery Paris Skyline at night Top 8 Places with Most Beautiful Scenery in the World
Paris Skyline at night
2. The Great Wall of China
No one doubts that this place deserves to be one of the wonders of the world. Thousands of people participated in the maintenance of this 6000 miles buildings from time to time. The fact that the big wall can be seen from outer space is still a debate, but beyond that, we really have to admiring one of the masterpieces of human being that ever existed. There is one secret place you can visit. This spot is a wall which didn’t restorated in Gubeikoi area in Yanshan mountains. October is the month that is suitable for visiting the Great Wall of China
places with most beautiful scenery The Great Wall Of China Top 8 Places with Most Beautiful Scenery in the World
The Great Wall Of China
1. Cliffs of Moher
This place considered as most beautiful beautiful because it’s located in the edge of the Atlantic ocean that extends so vast. Located in Ireland, this place makes us feel like We’re on the edge of the world when we stand on it. There was no scenery other than 2000 square-mile expanse of Atlantic. Stand in this cliff is an amazing experience, but you can also try the waves from the Atlantic Ocean which is often also used by the surfer to ignite adrenaline. The waves here are famous as Giant of Moher. The right time to visit this place is in October.
places with most beautiful scenery Cliffs of Moher Top 8 Places with Most Beautiful Scenery in the World
Cliffs of Moher

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